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Hello all,

My name is Matthew Stuber I am an American Travel Photographer, and you have arrived at the home of my blog/online portfolio.

I am starting this blog to provide a forum for like minded individuals who enjoy sharing their perspective and views of the world through their pictures!

Thanks for visiting, and safe travels.

-Matthew Stuber

Mid Week Encouragement!



Hello All,

I hope everyone’s work weeks are progressing pleasantly, and at a rapid pace.

As we hit midweek, and maybe even before many of us are planning our weekend escape. Where to go? What to shoot, and what to eat? All of these can decisions can be daunting when faced with hump day’s typically draining realizing that you are only halfway through the week. My advice is to kick back after work on Wednesday, and do some research, there is this trend or almost a theme within photography at the moment that in order to produce the best results you have to visit some exotic location in a far away land, while this may produce some excellent photos sometimes a different perspective on something in your own backyard or neighborhood could reveal just as incredible of results. Below I am going to list off 4 things to consider.


  1. Go for a walk around the neighborhood, venture a little out of your comfort zone. Walk an extra mile on your nightly or after work walk. Who knows what you could discover in that neighborhood or street that you never visit.
  2. Visit a local park or landmark at a different time of day that usual, or the first time for that matter. There is something to be said for touristy things. They usually are popular for a reason. I know I in the past have been guilty of avoiding said things to be a “trailblazer” or because I felt I was above it, but that’s a foolish way to be. Just make sure you research the less travelled times if you share my same aversion of crowds.
  3. Get on the internet, and find that trail or hike that is within, an hour or two’s reach. Unless you are in a very difficult area to travel geographically I can almost guarantee that there is something within an hour or so nearby that is worth draining a couple of camera batteries, and burning some calories on. Look for things that will give you a nice view or vantage point of the town or city you may live in, or some body of water nearby. Try to end up at your destination early, and make a day trip of it. Pack a lunch, and maybe bring a power bank or two.
  4. This is a ground breaking statement but I have found it to be true. Don’t be afraid of visiting places where you have no cell service. I have found that the absence of my phone or cell service really jumpstarts my creativity. It forces me to focus more on the task at hand. Such as taking in nature, my surroundings, and the scenery.


While relaxing on a day off of is always a great thing to do. You will get more out of your days off and feel generally more accomplish if you try and take at least one of your days off to go explore and take photos. You will return for the day, and have some tangible evidence that you at least did something besides stream your favorite program.

I hope everyone is able to get out and hit the trail, or shoot their next award winning photo this weekend, and if you have any ways to unwind or a way to beat the mid week doldrums comment and share below!




Eye To Eye With A Volcano.

Here are a couple of photos, from my most recent shoot. My partner and I visited Spray Park in the Mt. Rainier National Park. It was spectacular. There are so many hikes to chose from in the Park but Jess had picked this one out because she felt that it was going to be great for some photography, so we packed up the gear and headed out on an 8 mile day hike. Staring at this breath taking volcano was humbling indeed. What you are looking at are a few of the shots that I was pleased with. I will be adding more in a couple of days or so after I sort through the rest in Post Processing. Have any of you been fortunate enough to visit the Pacific Northwest? If so let me know some of your favorite hikes/parks in the comments below as we are always on the lookout for new places, and destinations to photograph and explore.

Hope you enjoy.


Jess Mountain (1 of 1)-2Jess Mountain (1 of 1)Mountain..pngDSC01882


Around the block, and back. Some recent photos!

Hello Everyone.

I hope everyone’s Summer, and July is going great so far. If your Summer is not in July my apologies. Just checking in to post some of my more recent shots that I am proud of from the past week or so. Feel free to comment or like if you see anything that you appreciate.


Ducktales (1 of 1)Elephant (1 of 1)silo (1 of 1)DSC00778_1DSC00786_1DSC00821



New Adventures and Photos!

Hello Everybody it’s been a busy couple of weeks, and I have been taking photos almost daily. As you know with Photography it has not all been fruitful but I have managed to get a couple of great photos around the Pacific Northwest here. Some in Seattle, and some elsewhere. I upgraded my camera to a Sony Alpha A7RII and I am extremely happy with the results. As you will see it takes phenomenal photos. The clarity and sharpness is unparalleled in its price range as far as I am concerned. Anyhow… I will let the photos speak for themselves feel free to comment on anything you like!Yuppp (1 of 1)-6Yuppp (1 of 1)-7Yuppp (1 of 1)Sailboatu (1 of 1)Sailboatu (1 of 1)-2Sailboatu (1 of 1)-3Yuppp (1 of 1)-4Yuppp (1 of 1)-2Yuppp (1 of 1)-3

Random Cascades Adventure Time.

Hey All,

I have been down with a nasty bug the last couple of days, and I have barely been able to leave my apartment, but it has left me with some time to scour some of the archives and post some photos that I am proud of, and would like to share. It’s a random assortment of photos taken over this past year in and around the Cascade Mountain Range. Hope you enjoy and leave some comments on which you like best!!


Thanks For Looking!






Tulip Festival Excitement!


I have a collection of photos here I would like to share with the community of my visit to a local tulip farm during the middle of the Tulip Festival. It was a gorgeously illuminated day emanating sunlight, and warmth. I hope my photos properly convey this.



My Girlfriend and her mother engulfed by tulips.




A nearby meadow. Featuring some excellent lighting, and vibrancy.


Rows and rows all lined up perfectly for a sense of scale, and depth.


This is one of my favorite shots from the day. Not sure why. I like the lighting and the scope.

Lastly here we have an inner forest shot. I tweaked the lighting slightly in post processing but I love the way it came out.

Thanks for looking! Look forward to more posts in the upcoming days.